10 Privately owned quarries

Barbaris Marbles S.A. Is actively involved in the mining, processing and sale, in the marble and granite industry and occupies a significant part of the domestic market. With 10 privately owned quarries and multiple partners in Greece and abroad, the company is using a vertically integrated structure that it controls the production of the final product, from its extraction, to the processing and the sale of rough, semi-finished and finished marble and granite products.

Privately Owned factories and means of production.

The factory is situated in Kantia Argolidos and covers an indoors area of 4,000 square meters, in a yard of 40,000 sq. meters, where the production process is carried out with the latest technology machinery for cutting, grinding and hardening of marbles. Our monthly capacity is 20,000 sq. meters, and the actual delivery of special dimensions marble, does not take more than 10 days.

Excellent Varieties of Marble.

A rich variety of marbles and granites of various dimensions, in many colors and designs can be found with a simple look at the catalog of its products.

Production includes a wide range of products, in different dimensions, multiple colors and designs as shown in the products section. Barbaris Marbles SA with dedication and vision since its foundation in 1976, aims at the reliable, consistent and fast service of its customers, and the continuous improvement of the quality and quantity of its products, offering a modern and responsible approach to the individual needs of its customers.

Since 1976

From 1976

Barbaris Marbles SA, Barbaris SA continues its successful presence in the marble industry. The first quarry was bought from the founder of the company Mr. Dionisios Barbaris in 1976 in Kantia Argolidos.

Soon after that, he proceeded in the creation of an organized marble cutting and processing area. The next move took place in the year after, with the acquisition of the quarry in the area of Karnazeika with the well-known Beige Marbles. The company, retaining the 2 quarries and acquiring a third in the Karnazeika region again, within the next 10 years, evolved in the field of cutting and processing marble, modernizing and increasing its factory premises.

Privately owned quarries.

The top quality and the excellent name the company has gained in the field of service excellence and reliability have been decisive for its significant development. By 1988 the company acquired the 4th quarry in the region of Didima Argolidos. The Marbles Hercules, Centaur and Hefestos that were extracted from the Didima quarry, was the main reason that contributed to the successful launching of the company between the most important companies in the industry.

The years to come, were followed by the acquisition of 2 more quarries in the Peloponnese, the first in Parnonas with the production of semi-white marble, and the second in Lygourio with a more monochrome Beige marble. Last but not least, and one of the most important acquisition of the company was the quarry in Veria in 2004. By the end of 2004, Barbaris Marbles founded another company with the name Barbaris Marbles Verias S.A. With this well-known marble, the company made a dynamic debut and became highly competitive in the White Marble market.