Modern machinery, innovative methods and respect for man and the environment are the main features of the mining stage for the company Barbari. A great advantage is the employment of specialized personnel, but also the operation of all quarries with industrial electricity.

Sophisticated methods of extraction and equipment.

The company uses for the extraction exclusively the method of wire cutting, maximizing both the quantity and the quality of production. Significant investments have been made in the acquisition of the necessary tools and machinery, such as wire cutters, wagons, compressors, hoes, loaders, trucks and more, enabling the ever-increasing rate of production. This is especially important as a result of which each of the company’s marbles is always available in the market and in large quantities.

In the area of ​​the quarries, there are organized storage areas with distributed raw materials, depending on their quality and size. Every prospective buyer has the opportunity to easily see and choose the materials that interest him. Also, our company’s trucks are able to serve every transport need. Finally, the exploitation of all quarries based on environmental studies should not be overlooked, thus putting the rest of the environment at the forefront of concerns, by creating a forest and avoiding the accumulation of debris.