The processing has been a key part of the company since the establishment of our company as the verticalization of the productive activity offers the most complete utilization of the materials. Dion. Barbaris SA has a factory unit for cutting and processing marble, based in Kandia, Nafplio, Argolida.

The Kandia factory operates on a privately owned plot of 40 acres, while the covered facilities reach 4,000 square meters. The installed power reaches 4,000 horsepower.

In total, the company’s machinery includes:
• four cranes
• one single diamondwire
• three eighty-blade gangsaws
• six tagliablocchi
• one scoppiatrice
• two trimming machines end heading machines
• three bridgesawing machines
• one slabs polishing machine
• two tiles polishing machines
• one tile polishing and bevel line
• one resin line
• five rotating cranes with vacum caps
• two polishing edges machines
• one CNC machine
• five cutters
• two machines for hammered and comped surfaces

The above equipment is completed by auxiliary machines and two biological purifications with a filter press. The excellent operation of the factory units is also based on the trained staff. The characteristics that make the company Barbari stand out are the excellent production quality and fidelity. The good color selection has an excellent reputation, which ensures maximum uniformity in the result.

The great accuracy in the dimensions when cutting, but also the excellent sanding of the marbles is our priority. What is worth noting are the possibilities offered by the high-tech CNC machine to the company in high-precision applications, such as drilling, cutting, grinding, shaping, polishing, engraving and writing, carving and production. any specialized product from marble or granite blocks.

Finally, the company Barbari attaches great importance to packaging, which it considers crucial for the safe transport and proper delivery of its products. For all these reasons, the company succeeds in ensuring the satisfaction of its customers by providing quality and economically competitive products.